11. Mockup development process

Code style

Use jshint, and it will cover most code style issues. We included a .jshint file with Mockup’s code style configuration. You can use this one in your editor to automatically display syntax errors (E.g. by the plugin syntastic in vim, if you use it).

We use spaces instead of tabs and an indentation level of 2 spaces per tab.


For each feature, create a branch and make pull-requests on Github. Try to inclue all your changes in one commit only, so that our commit history stays clean. Still, you can do many commits to not accidentliy loose changes and still commit to the last commit by doing:

git commit --amend -am"my commit message".

Don’t forget to also include a changelog entry in the CHANGES.rst file.


Besides documenting your changes in the CHANGES.rst file, also include user and developer documentation as appropriate.

For patterns, the user documentation is included in a comment in the header of the pattern file, as described in Writing documentation for Mockup.

For function and methods, write an API documentation, following the apidocjs standard. You can find some examples throughout the source code.