Agenda of the “Mastering Mockup” training

Breaks every two hours, lunch at noon.

Let’s see how far we come on day 1.

Day 1 (27-10-2014)

  • Introducing each other (name, company, training motivation).

  • About the training.

  • Introduction to Mockup.

  • Vagrant installation.

    • Good moment for taking a break *
  • Installation and Bootstrapping.

  • Overview of Mockup and Mockup Core.

  • Creating your own Mockup project.

  • Creating your first pattern.

  • Including a pattern from Mockup.

Day 2 (28-10-2014)

  • Developing patterns all the time, Improving Mockup with new patterns.

Tasklist for Day 2

Eventually, if someone is up to

By the way...

These are the Plone 5 issues, part of them are Mockup related:


Eric: working on ABCJS Adrian: working on checkbox slider pattern Lewis: working on foundation framework accodrion plugin Arno: working on isotope Andrea: working on UnlockOnFormUnload pattern Alessandro: working on livesearch pattern Giacamo: working on highlightsearchterms Peter and Fulvio: working on mark_special_links chris: working on pattern integration into plone